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Model Chic
Maytee Martinez

Maytee Martinez was born March 7, in West New York, New Jersey. She is a stunning beauty who describes herself as a unique person with a down-to-earth personality. Maytee is the oldest of three and the only girl in the family; always the center of attention.

At the tender age of 9, she was 5'11 inches tall, which seemed to be a problem but managed to take advantage of it. At school, she used to be teased for her height and would be called names like "The Green Jolly Giant" and "Long Neck". 

The great thing about Maytee was she never bothered to care what others thought about her. “Mom always kept me busy with back-to- back activities consisting of dance classes, additional school activities and sports, which left me with no time but to think and strive for greatness”.

At 13 they moved to Miami, thinking of Maytee’s future career, which turned out to be the greatest thing to happen in Maytee's life.
Her parents, Marlene and Daniel Martinez were in the beauty business for years established in New Jersey and New York City. Her parents decided to expand their success by opening a beauty supply which is well recognized "La Bella Beauty Supply" in Downtown Miami, FL.

Maytee became the face of the store and spent most of her time helping her parents and learning how to be an “Entrepreneur millionaire”, she says laughing. "La Bella" was like a second home for Maytee where she would go after school and spend most of her time with her parents.

Then Maytee enrolled in modeling and etiquette classes at "Alicia Faccio Modeling and Etiquette School". Alicia saw the great passion Mayteehad for modeling and had placed her after 2 years taking classes with her in becoming the modeling teacher for the little girls and then after a year earning the position as the assistant.
Maytee Martinez is now a Professional Runway Model and is in high demand in the industry right now. The Cuban-American bombshell, is taking the world by storm, her unique features set her apart from the competition. She has graced the catwalks of leading designers in our industry today, such as Betsey Johnson, Lourdes Atencio Libman and Carlos Arturo Zapata just to name a few.  She has adone photoshoots and modeled for us, Franovik Designs, as well as Lorie Lester, Carolina Herrera, Victoria Secret Pink Collection, and St. John.

We are so happy that one of our exclusive models has done so well. So well that she has also been featured on www.Tyra.com for Cycle 15 Finalist and also shot a movie for BET "CO2".

In 2010, the vivacious beauty graduated with a Bachelor Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Merchandise from the prestigious University for Fashion in Miami, Florida.

Maytee says, God is my strength, I'm no one without him, No one is!"
Maytee Martinez
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