Models&Designers magazine was created as another tool to market Franovik Designs and showcase our designs, although the original intent of the magazine was to attract other designers to buy into Franovik’s Promoter program. Models&Designers has taken a life of its own; hence, it has its own website, email, blog, social sites (facebook/twitter) and marketing team. We have correspondents that interview and write articles, photographers that take pictures at different events for the magazine.

We have a Fashion Consultant, as well as a Managing Editor and we are speaking to a top notch public relations company that would assist and attract potential sponsors.

Models&Designers is more of a pictorial magazine, and is a new concept “magalogue” (magazine & catalogue). You will see our fashions, as well as other designers and will be able to purchase the garment via the online store. In the future, you will be able to purchase the garment at our local boutique.

We are looking to launch Models&Designers (M&D) in the first quarter of 2011. We are very happy to say our first celebrity interview with be the very lovely Belinda Carlisle and her son Mason.

We will also have clips of the magazine on the website. For those interested in being part of this new concept magazine, please email me at

Thank you,
President & Editor in Chief